February 25, 2019

Make Promo Products Work For You

College Hill Marketing 2019 - Promo Infographic 2

Make promo products go to work for you. It's one of the easiest, fastest and most hands-off ways to advertise your company in the long term.

Why Promo?

- Flyers get thrown in the trash. Business cards pile up. Promo products - those people use. A promo product is basically any piece of merchandise with your company or brand name, logo, slogan, design or messaging on it. 

- As seen in the infographic above, there's an incredible return on investment with promo products. We produce them affordably so you can blanket your town with your name. These make great client gifts, giveaways, leave-behinds, mailers and more - whether you're looking for small items like USB drives or hand sanitizers, mid-sized items like umbrellas or drinkware or large scale displays like tradeshow panels, we can help you advertise your business in the most cost-effective, long term way possible.

- The average billboard is tremendously expensive and the average digital ad, while affordable, is seen only once or twice. Your promo products are seen all the time - for months or even years!

- Not only do the people that receive your promo products see them all the time, reinforcing your company name, but the people around them see them all the time, too. Every time that pen comes out at a meeting or someone passes by a desk calendar or someone is behind you with your company umbrella - people remember your name.

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