January 4, 2019

One From the Archives: Top 50 Spring Bid Day Theme Ideas


We get it. Bid Day planning can be stressful and finding the perfect Bid Day theme is a task all on its own. That's why the College Hill team came together to provide you with the ultimate Bid Day theme list containing 50 of our top themes.
Let the planning begin! 


  1. Boho / Festival 
  2. American 
  3. Friends TV Show 
  4. NFL Drafting
  5. Another Day In Paradise
  6. Vegas
  7. Greece Movie 
  8. Coachella 
  9. New Bids On the Block
  10. Tie Dye 
  11. The Great Gatsby
  12. Saved by the Bid (Safe by the Bell)
  13. Where the Wild Things Are
  14. Sweet Home Alabama  (I.e., Sweet Home Alpha Phi
  15. That 70’s Show
  16. Space Jams
  17. Color Run 
  18. Circus
  19. Welcome to the Jungle
  20. Wizard of Oz
  21. A league of our own (baseball themed)
  22. Beatles
  23. Heaven on Earth
  24. Out of this World / Alien (Galaxy themed)
  25. In and Out burger
  26. Race car 
  27. We Struck Gold
  28. Nautical / Sailing
  29. Rock N' RollBid Day Guide 8
  30. Alice and Wonderland
  31. 90's MTV
  32. Happy Campers
  33. Sweet Like Candy
  34. Ice Cream / Icee 
  35. Mardi Gras
  36. Full House Tv Show
  37. Pirates 
  38. Army / Boot Camp
  39. Dr. Seuss 
  40. Winner's Circle / Kentucky Derby
  41. Disney
  42. Fireman
  43. Lifeguard
  44. Greek Goddess
  45. Under the Sea
  46. Neon / Glow
  47. Written in the Stars
  48. Pop Art
  49. Political Campaign
  50. Women Empowering Women #GRLPOWER

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