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April 25, 2019

4 Tips For Landing That First Job Out of College

As college graduation is just around the corner, we gathered some of our favorite tips for landing that first job out of college - a job that's actually related to your degree or field of study. As CNBC pointed out, many graduating seniors take jobs unrelated to their fields or, in many instances, jobs that don't require the degrees they worked so hard to earn. Before you get stuck in a job rut, consider these tips to get your feet in the right doors - right away.



Reach out to your contacts - current or former co-workers from part-time jobs, fellow interns or directors from any past internships, professors, student organization leaders, your campus career center and any people you may know in your field, through family, friends or volunteer work.

Share a little bit about your professional goals and see if they know of any companies or openings that may be a fit. You never know who has a friend or contact that has an opening for the exact type of position you're seeking. Even if there's not an immediate in, they'll hopefully remember the conversation for future opportunities.


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April 4, 2019

Golf, Good Beer + Good Times at College Hill's Spring Happy Hour at Flatstick Pub

Last night, we held a happy hour for our clients, friends and Seattle area professionals at Flatstick Pub in Pioneer Square - one of our favorite places in the Downtown Seattle area. We share a collaborative workspace in South Lake Union and are thrilled to have Flatstick Pub as our clients, friends and partners, so it was an honor to host our inaugural co-branded event in their Pioneer Square space. 

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