May 9, 2019

Our 3 Favorite Productivity Tips

We're always looking for productivity tips from our colleagues and friends, but we found some of our favorites yet via LinkedIn and Lifehacker. Read on to find out about the three simplest ways to get the most out of your work day so you can move on from the little tasks and start tackling those bigger projects.



Lifehack told us what we've been ignoring for too long - don't put off the biggest, most feared task for the end of the day. It's going to hang over you all day long, slowing you down, changing your pace - and it may ultimately get pushed back again and again. Instead, dive in. Tackle it first. You'll feel so relieved getting it out of the way that it'll make everything else seem like a breeze in comparison and you'll fly through your day. 


Ariana Grande said it best when it comes to emails, too - thank you, next. Lifehacker talked to a marketing coach that treats his email like a game - moving through it quickly and saying "next, next, next" as he goes through each one - reading, replying, starring, deleting or filing. It keeps you from lingering and getting caught up - typing too much, responding to emails that don't require responses and mulling things over for far too long. 



An oldie but goodie from LinkedIn let us know the many benefits of starting to work super early - like, 4 a.m. early. When you start work while the rest of the world is still asleep, you're not distracted by the constant influx of morning emails and requests. You can tackle leftover tasks from yesterday and get a head start on things for the day - like tackling that dreaded task mentioned in tip #1 in total peace and quiet. This is easy to do when working from home, but don't underestimate the joys of getting to the office when it's still dark. Make a cup of coffee, turn on a desk light and get to work. An added bonus: in some places, when you start early, you can leave early. Take advantage of the chance to get work out of the way early so you can collaborate with your team later, then still enjoy the daylight.


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