December 13, 2018

How To Avoid Burnout at Work or School


As we near the year’s end, we admit it - we’re tired. However, we’re also inspired. We’re eager to create and we’re ready for what 2019 has in store. How do we balance the two? We turn to what we learned at the 2018 Elevate Summit Conference in Philadelphia.


Two of our favorite talks that really hit home were from the customer solutions software company Kayako and our guilty pleasure site and news source, BuzzFeed.

Kayako did a great talk on how to avoid burnout and BuzzFeed did a particularly relevant one on self-care. We compiled some of our favorite tips and tricks they shared to share with you!

1. Treat tasks as problems to solve, and your work as solutions

We all find value in solving problems because solving them creates a sense of accomplishment. If you have a challenging task or project, look at it as a puzzle to solve. It may create a feeling of exhilaration that ends in pride rather than one of dread that ends in relief.

2. Group tasks together

Kayako shared with us the staggering statistic that 73% of workers in support roles find workload’s balance with time is their biggest challenge at work.  They found that grouping tasks together to look at them as small projects leads to more satisfaction, organization and efficiency. If you have a lot of tasks across the board, group the similar ones together so you don’t have to keep switching gears. It’ll help you manage your time and not feel like you’re sinking.

3. It’s OK to feel overwhelmed

BuzzFeed’s talk on self-care reassured us that it’s OK to feel tired and busy - you’re not failing if you feel this way after a long day, or even at the beginning of one. Just focus on finding a healthy way to get ahead of it. If you need a longer break or some extra time to accomplish a task, ask for it. Your team will rally around you knowing that you’ll help them out when they’re having a day, too!

4. You have to say no sometimes

You don’t have to say “yes” just because you’re not sure how well the word “no” goes over in the workplace. It’s scary to say no! However, sometimes we need to let our team know when we can’t take something on. Don’t say no and leave it at that, though - offer a valid explanation and present a potential solution.

5. Unplug

BuzzFeed reminded us of the importance of unplugging in a way that works for us.

You can try unplugging from all devices and technology in general one day a week. Alternatively, pick one app or account to delete - or one device to sell. You can even find a new, meaningful activity to keep you away from your email or social media accounts when you’re outside of work. The need to constantly share or be up-to-date can overshadow life’s simple pleasures.

Have any good tips for self-care that help you avoid burnout at school or work? Let us know! Tweet us @ch_threads or leave us a comment!

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