February 16, 2017

Go-To College Date Dash Ideas

Getting asked on a date dash is very flattering and exciting. Date dashes give you the chance to finally talk to that guy or girl you’ve been crushing on, or a reason for you and your best friend to go out and have a fun time together! Even better yet, it may give you the chance to relive your glorious high school dress up days to match the theme.

Are you tired of the going to the same date dash over and over again? It’s time to change up your date dash game and try something new. Here is our top 5 favorite date dash themes you have got to try! 


Bowling is a very fun idea for a date dash because it involves everyone participating in a friendly competition! There are a couple of ways to go about this: 1) be handcuffed to your date while bowling or 2) standard game of bowling. Maybe give everyone a funny nickname on the monitor. Overall, the 3 highest scoring teams get prizes!

Sporting Events

It’s baseball season and this is the perfect time to plan a date dash around a home game. The guys will love this one (sports, duh). Plus, concession stand hot dogs are the best! You can even get customized baseball jerseys for you and your date! Don’t have a chance to make it to a baseball game this season? No worries, because you can save this for a football game come fall!

Holiday Themed

I like to call this one “Be My Date”, get it? You pick a date on the calendar, and celebrate it by dressing up with your date as the holiday! Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or even Groundhog Day, there are so many options for date dashes! With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, you can dress up in all green and pinch anyone who isn’t wearing any! It’s also never too late to start planning date dashes for the fall. For Halloween, bring a guy with you to visit a haunted house or scary pumpkin patch maze. Your chapter can rent buses to transport everyone there, and everyone will have dates to protect them through the scary haunted houses! Around Christmastime, go to an ice rink! You can bundle up in your scarves, jackets, and beanies and go ice-skating with your dates.  Everyone will be trying not to fall, but it will still be a great time!

Roller Rink

This theme goes hand-in-hand with the ice skating date dash; it's generally the same concept. If you are not feeling like going to a cold ice rink, you can stay warm at the roller rink, wear some neon colors and turn it into a 70's themed skate dash! This is also a perfect excuse to buy glow sticks, leg warmers, and tacky bright lipstick!

Olympic Style

This is one of my favorites. Each couple can represent a different country and play games like horseshoes, bocce ball, or even ping-pong! Oh, and the torch is a must. Do not forget the torch. At the end of the tournament, give the top 3 winning teams gold medals! ;)

Whether you decide to chose one of these themes for you chapter’s next date dash or grab some friends and make your own mini date dash, you will most likely need College Hill customized date dash apparel! For inspiration on designs for your chapter, check out our Pinterest Design Gallery!

Please comment below if you have any other awesome date dash ideas, we would love to hear them!