March 24, 2017

Plan Bid Day Stress Free


We can all agree that bid day is the best time of the year! All your hard work from recruitment finally paying off, an AMAZING new pledge class, and it’s officially time to celebrate! However, the preparation for bid day can be exhausting not to mention stressful. We know trying to please everyone and make this day memorable can be a bit overwhelming and hard to achieve. But, if you follow these easy steps below and start planning bid day today, you’ll go through summer and fall stress free!

Creativity is key

The more creative you are with bid day, the more memorable it will be! If you are on the fence about a out of the box, GO FOR IT! A lot of people will repeat the same theme as years before, and while nothing is wrong with that it would be awesome if you came up with something unique. Who wouldn’t want to be a trendsetter for an awesome bid day?!

*Take the stress out of idea hunting and visit College Hill's  Bid Day Theme board on Pinterest.

Not so fast! Creativity doesn't stop with your theme. Think creative decorations, props, accessories etc. It’s way more fun when everyone in the whole house goes all out bringing your theme come to life! So throw on that extra glitter, put some colored chalk in your hair, and ask us about customizable sorority goodies besides apparel!

#BeachBalls #GoldFoilTattoos #BallCaps #FannyPacks #YouGetTheIdea


Apparel on Point?

What you wear on bid day is what you’ll mostly be wearing the next day to your classes, so you’ll want to be wearing something that you’re proud to show off. For bid day apparel, a lot of chapters do tank tops, but it doesn’t always have to be that. A fun way to switch things up would be doing jerseys, baseball tees, or dresses (look at the pic above)!

No matter what you plan on doing, College Hill can help you. Check out our design gallery to help get your creative juices flowing and get your bid day started the right way. Have a garment style in mind? Our sales team will find exactly what you're looking for! From laceup hockey jerseys, flowy tanks or pigment dyed hats, we got you!

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Blast the music

Music is one thing that can for sure put people in a GREAT mood. So make sure that you have upbeat and fun music playing in the background throughout the event! Everyone loves today’s hits, but they can be repetitive because the radio always plays the same 7 songs over and over… Why not surprise everyone with a good throw back here and there? I mean have you ever heard someone complain about an awesome throw back song… I don't think so!

Stress free music planning can be achieved! Invite a few sisters into a collaborative bid day playlist on Spotify! All summer long, add your favorite hits and encourage them to do the same. 


Ice Ice baby (break it!)

When it comes to meeting 60+ new people at once, it can be overwhelming to say the least. So make sure you have a lot of different activities planned out on bid day. Some people may be doing bonding activities, while others are just hanging around trying to get to meet as many new people as they can.  Icebreakers are a great way to bond with new members. Here’s a list of some ice breaker ideas for Bid Day: check it out!


Hopefully these essential yet fun steps will help you create the bid day you have been dreaming about and do it stress free! As always, have fun with everything you do and don’t hesitate to bring something new to the table!!

See you next time!