May 21, 2018

5 Reasons Why Customized Products Add Value To Your Business


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Whether it’s a uniform or a PR piece, nearly every business and organization under the sun utilizes customized apparel or products. Everything from a company polo to a stack of pens at reception packs a massive amount of potential for profit, morale and free, widespread marketing.

Here are our top five reasons why.

1. Affordable Marketing


(Pictured College Hill client FlatStick Pub.) 

Customized apparel and products – in particular, promotional products like pens,
stickers and coasters – can be ordered in bulk and, the more you order, the
cheaper the cost per piece. More conventional marketing methods like billboard
or print advertising can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming tactics like
guerilla marketing take a great deal of planning and resources. Promotional
products help you spread the word and gain brand recognition with very little
effort – leave out a stack of pens at your company’s reception desk or offer them
up at your bar or restaurant. You’ll be surprised how far these pens may travel.


College Hill Fun Fact: The average pen gets 500 impressions for every dollar you spend. According to
ASI, 56% of U.S.-based consumers own logoed pens and use them up to 4 times
a day throughout their lifetime.


2. Staff Morale


(Pictured College Hill client K&K Welding.)

Providing staff with customized apparel or products can build up in-house
morale, fostering a sense of pride among employees. Whether or not your
company requires uniforms or staff apparel, employees can be rewarded with
gifts that further enforce your brand while making them feel like they’re part of a
team. Consider getting logoed backpacks for staff holiday presents – this often
makes staff members feel like they’re part of something bigger as they’ll utilize
these products outside of work, as well. Even handing out freebies like cell phone
holders or other office items can make employees feel like they’re part of a
unified team.

3. Brand Development

(Pictured College Hill client Rocking Bar H.)

Putting your company logo, name or messaging on apparel or products is a way to
further enforce your brand, reminding current and potential customers that you’re out
here and have something to offer. Repeated exposure to your company’s branding,
like your logo or a really specialized, recognizable color or even a slogan can lead to
return customers that come to you simply because they see your presence

4. Standing Out From the Competition


(Pictured College Hill client Crossfit Devotion.)

Differentiating your brand or business from a sea of competitors is vital – something
you likely carefully considered when developing your company’s logo, color scheme,
font style, messaging, demographic and overall vibe. Customized apparel and
products can be an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to rounding out your
marketing outreach plan – you want to have your color or brand name stand out in a
crowd. This is particularly important at conferences and conventions – draw people
in and reinforce your brand with matching, coordinated apparel and giveaway items.

5. Thank You Pieces for Customers + Clients


(Pictured College Hill client Niagara Bottling.)

Custom products and apparel also serve as the perfect thank you gifts for customers
and clients. From something as cheap as a sticker (seen by potentially thousands on
laptops or suitcases) to something more personalized, like an umbrella or jacket,
they’re relatively affordable for you to purchase in bulk and they again reinforce your
brand – a win-win-win.

To learn more about how we can help your business create value through custom
apparel and products, drop us a line – If you have an order in
mind and you’re ready to get started, simply fill out a quick quote request! 


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